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IATSE Local 748



     After many years of their fates being completely at the whim of the local crewers, early 2001, the freelance television production community of Arizona came together and decided to do something about it. An urgent need for some simple rules of employment, as well as access to health insurance and other employee benefits was shared by everyone working in this market.

      To that end, the overwhelming majority of freelancers requested representation by theInternational Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. I.A.T.S.E. now has 14 T.B.S.E. Locals across the country representing Television Broadcast Studio (and remote) Employees, as well as hundreds of other Locals representing every aspect of the stage, motion picture, and television entertainment industry. From that need, I.A.T.S.E. Local 748, State of Arizona, was chartered in 2003.

      Local 748 was formed to represent the television broadcast freelancers of Arizona in negotiation of collective bargaining agreements with the varios employers in the market, as well as to administer and maintain those contracts on an ongoing basis. The Local also coordinates the various benefits programs for all employees covered under the collective bargaining agreements.

      IATSE Local 748 now has ongoing contracts with two employers in this market, Burke Brothers Productions and Fox Sports Net / Arizona.

      While membership in the Union is not required for employment, or to be covered under these contracts, we would like to invite you to join. There are many additional benefits available only to Union members.

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I.A.T.S.E. Local 748
P.O. Box 1191
Phoenix, AZ 85001

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