Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is my missed 2nd meal?
A: If your 2nd meal was not a full one, but the half hour because it was due during the strike, that half hour will now be added to your out time. If it was a full hour because it was due before the strike began, then you will see it in your earnings with all your meal premiums for that pay period. Check your pay statement in your Member Page to clearly see each day you were paid the full hour meal premium.

Q: Why is my travel and equipment reimbursements listed in deductions?
A: Travel and equipment reimbursements are entered as "reverse deductions" so they will not be taxed, nor confuse your gross wages. Those dollars are added to your net pay after taxes.

Q: I don't see my Holiday or Double Header Pay?
A: Your Holiday and Double Header Pay is added to your day as "Performance OT", which adds half your rate per hour to each hour entered. Essentially, it turns a regular hour into an OT hour. If you worked New Years Day, you would have 9 hours of "Performance OT" to make sure you were paid 1.5 rate for those first 9 hours (the 10th hour is already being paid as OT, so nothing needs to be added to it). Performance time can also be used to turn an OT hour into a DT hour.

Q: Who do I contact if there is a problem with my check, such as a missing premium?
A: Cecilia can help you out. However, to avoid these oversights, always check with the crew chief when you sign out and make sure all items such as premiums and parking are written on the crew sheet.

Q: I just moved - who do I contact for my change of address.
A: Send any address changes to Cecilia.

Q: Can I get paid through direct deposit? 
A: Yes! Email Cecilia and she will send you the form to get you started.


If you have any questions that you don't see here, please email

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