Member sign in- is available for employees only. You will need to register and sign in to have access to all the website features. If you are an employee, the best way to do this is by responding to the emailed invitation to join, so all your employee information is linked to your user access. Please let us know if you would like an invitation to sign up.

Pay statements- Once you are a member, click on the Member Page link to the left. On the Member Page, you have access to your Hours and Earnings report. Simply enter the period ending date that is listed at the top right of your pay stub. Note-if you have questions regarding your statement, please check the FAQ as it may be answered there.

Did you know- Often your hours are entered within a few days after each event (or stand). On your member page you can change the "period ending" date to a future date to see what your upcoming paycheck will look like. It's also a great way to check for errors and catch them before the checks go out.


About Us

Burke Brothers Productions has been providing quality television crewing services in Arizona since 2004.

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Kyle Burke:  for all scheduling and general show information
Cecilia Burke: to submit paperwork, crew chief sheets, invoices, and all payroll concerns
Matthew Burke for crewing and general show information

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